Study Support Services

Below is a list of Study Support services you may wish to make use of:

Disabilities Support Team

Specialist Study Support is offered to any learner with a diagnosed Disability or SpLD. Our Specialist Tutors offer individually tailored support on a variety of Study Skills such as, understanding assignment briefs, planning and completing assignments, managing your time, note taking and preparing for exams.  Support can be booked in both one to one and workshop format and details of upcoming workshops can be found here.

SIGMA - Maths Support Centre

Sigma mathematics support provides a comfortable working environment and face-to-face support that will help students of all abilities and levels of attainment to raise their game and fulfil their academic aspirations

CASP - Coventry Academic Skills Prog.

CASP gives you access to  support for a wide range of academic skills centred on the Library. During your studies you will need to:

  • learn to write well
  • develop good scholarly habits 
  • use the Library information services effectively
  • grapple with mathematics and statistics at some level 

Let CASP enhance your degree success.​

CAW - Centre for Academic Writing

The Centre for Academic Writing (CAW) offers students individualised advice on writing essays, reports, dissertations, theses, exams and other assignments.  Help is available on topics ranging from how to organise an academic argument to how to improve grammar and sentence structure.

COWL - Online Writing Lab

The Coventry Online Writing Lab (COWL) is the online component of Coventry University's Centre for Academic Writing (CAW).
Two types of individualised online writing tutorial are available:

  1. 'Email Writing Tutorials' that enable students to submit their assignment draft and receive written/audio feedback from a CAW Academic Writing Tutor.
  2. Live Online Writing Tutorials' that enable students to discuss their assignment draft with a CAW Academic Writing Tutor.

Good Academic Practice Quiz

This quiz has been developed to allow you to test your understanding of a wide range of issues relating to Good Academic Practice. In particular the quiz allows you to demonstrate your awareness of:

  • what is meant by the term plagiarism
  • what is deemed to be acceptable and unacceptable academic practice
  • how to correctly cite and reference different source material
  • how good academic practice, including different learning strategies and study skills, can help you to avoid plagiarising other people’s work and so become an effective learner.

EAP Toolkit - Academic English

The resources are interactive and contain multimedia activities. All activities are supported by feedback including answers, examples, explanations and other forms of help so that they can be used independently. They can be accessed at any time from within Moodle.

There are seven folders of resources:

  • Learning skills
  • Academic writing
  • Reading and critical thinking
  • Listening and note-taking
  • Communication skills
  • Grammar for academic purposes
  • Vocabulary for academic purposes
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